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Guiding You to Financial Freedom

Equity Compensation Strategy

Our knowledge and experience helping early tech employees, executives, and founders through their equity decisions enables us to craft a concentrated equity strategy uniquely tailored to you. While there are general guidelines you can follow to successfully acquire and diversify out of a concentrated position over time, they can't address the nuances that make every situation one-of-a-kind.

Our goal is to help you make the most out of your equity by selling the right shares and holding on to the others, avoiding tax strategy pitfalls and thinking ahead to future sales.

Your Equity Compensation Strategy includes:

  • A 1-hour video meeting to explore general strategies and potential outcomes in order to narrow down the final final set of recommendations and establish constraints.
  • A written equity acquisition and divestment plan covering the next 12 monthswith the aim of strategic profit maximization balanced with risk management and multi-year tax efficiency.
  • An estimation of the federal tax impact of your proposed divestment and exercise strategies.
  • Addressing "what ifs": FMV or stock price changes, leaving your company, higher or lower than expected income, and sale timing (long-term vs. short-term).
  • A 1-hour video meeting to deliver the strategy.
  • An optional 1-hour check-in meeting within 6 months of plan delivery to discuss changes affecting your strategy, including changes to expected income, stock price, leaving your company, and more.


$650 base price, plus:

Grant types:

  • ISO, NSO, or RSU/RSA +$0
  • ISO or NSO, and RSU/RSA +$100
  • ISO and NSO +$150
  • ISO, NSO, and RSU/RSA +$200

RSU and RSA grants are different, but are considered the same grant type for grant type pricing.

Number of grants:

  • 1-2 grants +$0
  • 3-4 grants +$125
  • 5+ grants +$250


  • Exercise Strategy +$150
  • Private Company Tender Offer Analysis +$150
  • Public Company Diversification Strategy +$250
  • ESPP Evaluation and Strategy +$125
  • Any additional costs for unique complexities will be agreed on before the engagement.

Is an Equity Compensation Strategy for me?

You’re a DIYer for the rest of your planning but want professional help to make the most out of your company's liquidity event.

You already work with an advisor but need specialized guidance around this critical piece of your financial life.

You know what you want to accomplish but aren’t sure of the current and future impact of selling out of different grants.

Getting these decisions right (or wrong) could make a big difference in your ultimate outcome.

If any of these apply to you, you’ll probably benefit from personalized and expert guidance.

If you're looking for help executing your strategy or want to ensure that your strategy stays flexible and current in the face of changing stock prices and evolving personal situation, an equity-focused ongoing engagement may make more sense for you.