What’s your investment philosophy?

We believe in using low-cost, broad market index funds and ETFs to design portfolios that have risk and return characteristics aligned with your unique circumstances. Using a global approach to asset allocation, your recommended portfolio will consist of investments across the world.

We don’t try to pick a handful of stocks that will outperform, and we don’t believe in timing the peaks and valleys of the markets.

Do I have to give you my money to manage?

Only if you want to! Investment management is optional, so if you’d rather implement the investment advice we provide on your own, that’s fine by us.

Do I need a certain amount of money to work with you?

No! The size of your portfolio, your net worth, and other financial metrics are unrelated to whether financial planning can benefit you.  

Can I work with you if I’m not in the Bay Area?

Probably! DRS is a virtual financial planning firm, and we work with people who live in various places within the U.S. When you schedule an initial call, please indicate the state you live in so we can let you know if there could be any issues ahead of time.